Bold Agreements

Good coaching takes us to a deep + sacred space where emotions have room to be felt. Needs can be seen with more clarity + changes can be made to further your individual journey of transformation - however that looks to you. I am a good coach. There is a peaceful joy that comes with recognizing your own strength + drive in this world and I have been fortunate enough to realize this earlier in my life than most. Creating space to hold meaningful conversations + seeing people as they truly are - beautiful, whole, and completely enough - is a natural gift of mine, but it’s also something I have dedicated myself to learning about for the rest of my life. This work fills me with so much energy + compassion. Thank you for joining me as you are right now in this space + being open to growth. Below are some guidelines I give myself + my clients to help build the foundation for our time together:

1. I serve as a guide + reflector to help you reconnect with you innate humanness and true self. You are not your behavior and I see each individual as creative, resourceful, and whole.

2. All humans have limitations, vulnerabilities, and both a light and shadow side -- there is no failure, only feedback; no judgement, only observation + reflection.

3. I will slow down + listen more deeply to make progress.

4. I will be soft + ask permission without expectation -- my goal is to be of service to you.

5. I will show up 100% knowing that I am responsible for my own experience and results.

*inspired by Andrea Leda | Awaken Your Life

Together we will build a safe space to dive deep into uncertainty knowing that we are here to explore, not explain. To do this work we rely on: trust, communication, respect, acceptance, honesty + openness, vulnerability, curiosity + inquiry, playfulness, empathy, and love. If any of these key components feels lacking to you, I need to know about it or our work will not progress as smoothly.

Photo by Marc von Borstel

Photo by Marc von Borstel