Called to share tools that have given me clarity + peace in my own life, I have embraced coaching as a way to support others while they work through their personal ebb of overwhelm, anxiety and fear to get back to their flow of joy, abundance, and success, while understanding that both ways of being are natural + valuable. I have experienced the most joyfulness and connection with my body when I am aligned with my values! I invite you to embrace a slower, more sustainable life full of your favorite things!

Do you know that you could be more authentically YOU?

Are you overwhelmed or constantly worn out from all that you squeeze into your life?

Are you ready to prioritize YOURSELF in order to accomplish your goals?

I work with strong, beautiful, creative individuals who are ready to embrace change and make an impact.

1:1 coaching

1 : 1 Sessions

I am choosing to trade the work/life balance for a WHOLE LIFE balance (a fun, but very challenging task). This business will allow me to collaborate 1-1 with creative people like YOU who want an accountability partner to encourage, listen, and guide you through your life in a loving and supportive way. 

Topics I enjoying thinking about lately include: anxiety, fear, joy, peace, authenticity, honesty, trust, community, connection, sensitivities, awareness, shared human experience, breathing, yoga, movement, sustainability, permaculture, non-violence, and communication. 

If you are reading this and feel pulled to work together, but you are feeling stressed about money, please be in touch with me and we can talk about our options! I offer a sliding scale as well as payment plans so we can get started right away.



Learn, grow, expand your thinking.

If you are curious about working together, come to a free + open community meditation circle at The Grinning Yogi - PDX.

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