Ebb + Flow

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Hi, I'm Katie.

I believe in slow, sustainable living grounded in love, connection, and empowered growth. 

Sharing tools that have brought me clarity + peace in my own life, I have embraced coaching as a way to help others work through the EBB of overwhelm, anxiety and fatigue to get back to the FLOW of joy, abundance, and personal progress, while understanding that both ways of being are natural + valuable.  My coaching is based on principles from compassionate communication, empathic coaching, yoga, breathwork, meditation, and mindfulness.


Katie is an amazing meditation coach and life-exploration workshop leader
Noel S. - Workshop attendee

Why I'm Here

I am enough. I am worthy of care. (NEWS FLASH: you are too!) What else? I have a huge passion for loving people and learning how we think, dream, breathe, and connect so that I can share that knowledge with those I love. I am in the process of becoming.


200hr Master Coach Teacher Training - Awaken Your Life (AACT)
200hr Yoga Teacher Training - Corepower Yoga (RYT)
B.S. Speech-Language Pathology - University of Washington
B.A. Linguistics + French, Minor in Psychology - Western Washington University
60hr+ Non-Violent Communication Training - Erin Merrihew + Pam Orbach
Decades of personal life experience!

Thank you for being here and supporting this process of becoming in your own life!

Numb the dark and you numb the light.

- Brené Brown


Ebb + Flow

... is an expression of my joy! 

Embracing the tidal nature of human experience and the choice to lead an authentic + aligned life; tracing the ups + downs as opportunities for abundant growth. This work is challenging, but SO rewarding! I believe in you whole-heartedly!


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Love Notes

When I finally made the decision to call Katie I was in a place where I was constantly overwhelmed, anxious, and burnt out. I truly had reached an 'I can't do this anymore, something needs to change' point in my life. Katie was that change. Step by step she coached me through walking myself out of that place onto more solid footing. She understands that the solution to many of the struggles we have has to come from within. You are guided to tap into what you may not realize you already know (and are capable of) with both mindfulness practices and tactfully pointed questioning. She gets to know her clients individually to discern what techniques would best help them. For me, the biggest help are the small, succinct goals that we set every week that build up to achieving my overall goals. Katie coached me from being overwhelmed to feeling like I can handle myself, and now is helping push me to excel. Ebb & Flow consulting is a business worth every penny of your investment.

Bela S. 1 : 1 coaching

Katie is there for me in a lot of different ways and there is a groundedness about her that I really appreciate. She is very accepting; her gentleness shines through to allow me to move into more vulnerable spots.

Dianne B. Coaching 1: 1

Thank you for leading the Thursday night meditation group. It's something that has helped me immensely through a difficult time, and it's become something I look forward to well in advance.

John H. Meditation circle


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